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Emmanuel B. Sackie

ETSIC Liberia Senior Pastor

Pastor Emmanuel Sackie was raised as a pagan and it was not until a missionary with SIM/ELWA told him about a wonderful man named Jesus that he realized there was a God who loved him. Radically saved in 1988, Pastor Sackie devoted his time to working alongside missionaries preaching the good news of the Gospel. Pastor Sackie survived the ravishes of the 14-year civil war in Liberia which included the loss of his first wife and deaths of family and friends while fleeing through the jungles of Liberia. Pastor Sackie has stood in the face of death numerous times, nevertheless, he has walked away victorious and not allowed it to stop his ministry. Pastor Sackie and his wife’s vision is to develop a pastors training center to equip pastors with both spiritual tools and life skills. They are currently developing a farming project to assist their ministry in meeting the practical needs of the people in Liberia. Pastor Sackie has over 100 weeks of Bible and Ministry training and is a graduate of ETSIM Bible Training School.

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