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ActivePython is a distribution designed to run on all modern versions of Windows. Both workstation and server versions of ActivePython are available for download. The 1.5.5 release is currently free (licensed to non-commercial use). ActivePython is available from The full download is about 400MB. There are no trial versions of ActivePython available. If you choose to use the distribution, please license it accordingly. What's Included with ActivePython? ActivePython includes Python for Windows and Python Package Manager. ActivePython replaces Easy_Install (an install package system used with Python 2.2 and earlier) and Setuptools (used with Python 2.2 and earlier). Python Package Manager provides an improved alternative to the previous tool, Easy_Install. Add to that Tk, a GUI toolkit for Python, which is a widely used native toolkit. Other packages such as PythonWin, django and peewee also provide the functionality required for many Python applications. How to use ActivePython? At first, you need to download ActivePython. If you opt for the standard license, it will be pre-compiled. This software is available for download from the website. You can install it directly on the workstation you plan to use. However, if you plan to use ActivePython with your Linux or MacOS-based computers, or with a server on which you will host your apps and code, you should download the distribution of your choice and go to the next step. Installing ActivePython from the distribution is the recommended way. The download is around 400MB and can be found on the downloads page of the distribution or from the ActivePython website. Once you have ActivePython installed on your workstation, you can install any of the modules you are going to use in the application you are developing. The standard license allows you to use ActivePython for a range of non-commercial purposes. If you intend to develop a commercial application, however, you should purchase a commercial license from ActiveState. Technical Details: ActivePython Version 1.5.5 Operating System: Windows Python: Python 2.7 1.6 10.4 or later (32-bit or 64-bit) Python 2.6 1.3 6.2 and later Python 3.1 1.2 8.3.0 or later Python 3.2 1. a5204a7ec7

ActivePython is a Python distribution packed with useful tools, extending its core and adding packages and functionality that complement the package manager. It includes the following components: Python Package Manager - GUI-based package management tool. PyWin32 - Cross-platform module and DLL for programming with Windows API. P2P - Python to Python object serialization protocol. Eggs.Message - Python messaging library SQLite - Self-contained object-relational database engine. ActivePython Language: Built on the power of Python, it integrates the official syntax of the Python programming language with built-in extensions and external libraries to create powerful object-oriented development environments. ActivePython also uses the rich features of the Python extension packages, the Tk GUI toolkit and the native Windows API. ActivePython Features: Tkinter GUI Toolkit The ActivePython Tkinter GUI toolkit provides graphical interfaces to allow you to edit Python objects, access Python from other languages, etc. PyWin32 Extension The ActivePython PyWin32 extension includes the native API, COM and IPC interfaces for many Microsoft Windows operating system functions. With it, programmers can call Windows API directly from within the Python interpreter. P2P Python to Python object serialization protocol. It can be used to convert Python objects to objects of different types in a safe, user-defined way. Eggs.Message Python messaging library. This extension can be used to communicate with networked objects of other languages (Java, C, and even.Net), with varying degrees of portability. SQLite Self-contained object-relational database engine. Its direct portability allows programmers to add database support easily to their applications. ActivePython Requirements: Dependencies: python.stdlib - Python 2.5+ python.win32 - Python 2.5+ python.plat-win32 - Python 2.5+ python.pywin32 - Python 2.5+ python.lib-tk - Python 2.5+ xmllib - Python 2.5+ wxPython - Python 2.5+ tkinter - Python 2.5+ lcms - Python 2.5+ pycairo - Python 2.5+ win32com - Python 2.5+ pyparsing - Python 2.5+ Win32API - Python 2.5+ zlib - Python 2.5+

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